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​​​No area of the business is off limits! Sales, cash flow & profit growth is our focus.

We get in the trenches, we fight to increase profitability.


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​​​​​RxOne pharmacy software is a fully integrated platform that seamlessly synchronises POS, dispensing, stock and store management and compounding software in your pharmacy on a single database. RxOne delivers functional intelligence through a highly intuitive user interface that enables pharmacists to easily manage patient and business data, processes and reporting. Read More...

Enterprise Solution Features

  • Setup, Configuration and White Labelling
  • ​Promotions
  • ​Ticket Printing
  • ​Store Management
  • ​Template Management
  • ​​Product Management
  • ​​‘Working with you to identify and develop new market revenue’

  • ​‘Review your fixed asset & labour efficiency to strengthen your profit line’

  • ​​‘Personal mentoring for career development, redundancy & transition’
Fully integrated pharmacy dispensing, POS, and compounding software

​​- RxOne POS – Enables you to sell more, save more, and maximise your ROI

- RxOne Dispense – Dispense medicines efficiently and intuitively

​- RxOne Head Office – Better business control for pharmacy groups

​- RxOne CompoundPro – The leading Australian Compounding application ​​

Review, Re-engineer & Rebuild Retail Pharmacy Operations

Retail Pharmacy Consulting Specialists

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Business Coaching & Personal Mentoring


​The Kokoda RX platform includes a suite of services designed to comprehensively review financials including P&L, Gross Profit management, existing wage percentages and alternative operating solutions.

​Our focus is to get a higher return from every aspect of your pharmacy! Save you money…. generate more profit.

​​​​​​​Working together let’s take ‘your business, brand or career’ in a new growth direction and realise opportunities out there for you.

While focussing on profitable business operation, we provide external view coaching to corporate or independent business owners and managers to help you deliver on your customer experience, revenue generation, team leadership and efficient use of asset & labour resources.​​

​​​​​​​​Shopfront Solutions is leading the way in retail marketing, providing a platform specifically designed for retail stores to manage all of their digital and print marketing collateral.

Our new Online Ticketing Module enables retail stores to create a retail environment that drives customer engagement; leading to increased sales and profitability. 
Retail ticketing is an essential part of the business process.

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